This policy stipulates how we handle your interaction with us, and how we use the information that we might collect from you. To enhance your experience on our platform, we may need to collect some information from you, from time to time. This information enables us to serve you better. We respect your privacy, and we put our best foot forward in safeguarding it. This policy stipulates how your information shall be handled. Your interaction with the platform constitutes consent to the policy as it is.

Our systems might collect non-personal non-identifying data from you. Such data include information such as the number of people on the platform at a given time, or the number of visitors we have had in a month. Such non-identifying information might be published in its raw form, or processed and published as aggregate statistics. Such information, though involves you, has got nothing to do with your personal identity.  We reserve the right to publish such information anywhere we deem fit.

We may also need to collect personal non-identifying data from your visits. Such data may include, the browser you are using or the language you are communicating with. Such data is personal to you, but it does not reveal your identity. Such data may also be processed and published in various places as aggregate statistics. We collect such data in order to understand the demographics of our visitors so that we are able to offer them a better experience of the site.

We may also need to collect personally identifying data. Such data will normally be collected with your consent. Such data includes your location, your contact details, and your names. The said data is also used to enhance your experience on the site. For instance, we will ask for your name and contact details when you want to subscribe. You may not be able to access an account if you decline to offer the said contact details. The personal identifying information shall not be disclosed to anyone nor shall it be published anywhere without your consent. The date may be analyzed, processed and presented as non-identifying aggregate statistics.

The data and information collected from you cannot be disclosed to anyone without your consent unless when compelled to do so to a government authority through a court order or act of legislation. The only parties with access to the data and information are our officers and our partners. These two parties are also expected to consent to a non-disclosure agreement.

We reserve the right to change the clauses in this privacy policy at any time, and how we deem fit, so long as it remains within the governing laws. Your continued interaction with and on the website constitutes consent to the privacy policy as it is. You are expected to be conversant with the privacy policy at all times. In case of the privacy policy changes, notification will be sent through the relevant communication channels, but we are not responsible for ensuring you receive such notifications.

In case the company that operates the website is taken over by another party person or entity. It will be transferred to them as it is. All your information will be transferred to the new holding party as it is. The new holding party might decide to keep the privacy policy as it is or make changes to it. You will be subject to the policy as they may change it. Your interaction with and on the website will constitute consent to the policy as it is.

We may send cookies to your browser every now and them. Cookies are packets of information that we store in your browser so that you have a great experience on the website. You will be prompted to either accept or decline the cookies every time they are sent. You are at liberty to accept or decline the cookies, though at the expense of not having an optimum experience on the platform.

If any of the clauses herein is rendered illegal by a court order or act of legislation, is shall be scrapped off and all the other clauses shall stand and apply as they are. We shall not be liable for the privacy of the information you publicly share on our platforms.